Here are some highlights from last weeks meeting, September 1st

Jeanne Tunnicliffe gave her vocational moment after a brief introduction by John Vasinda, Vocational Service Director. Jeanne is Director of Oncology and Orthopedic Services at Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield.  She spoke of her various duties and the many clinics and locations of Mercy Hospital.   She briefly spoke on the Health Care Reform and anticipates changes but does not know the details yet.  Health care is an industry that is going through many changes and is one with high demands.  Sounds like an interesting and rewarding job. 


 Welcome to Louise Weber from UniGlobe Travel Agency.  In the photo from Left to Right is Cecil Martin her sponsor, Louise Weber, President Carol Smith and Jeremy Swanson Membership Director.



  Bee Barmann came back from her holidays and presented a banner to President Carol Smith.




Valley Public Radio Presentation included, Kristina Herrick, Traffic and Music Manager, Mariam Stepanian, General Manager and President and a Spotlight on a young artist.  Kristina Herrick did a brief presentation of music from In the Mode.  To learn more about KVRP Programs go to


 The name of the young musician who played for us is Brian Liu, son of Dr. and Mrs Liu. Brian is also a prize-winning pianist but we do not have a piano so he played the violin instead. He is a member of the Bakersfield Youth Symphony Orchestra as a violinist and has  appeared as a piano soloist with the orchestra. He has also  appeared on Young Artist's Spotlight on KVPR/KPFK twice as a soloist and at least once as an accompanist for other students. Amazing young man.