For our Social on July 28, Twilighters got a private tour of the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s current exhibit:
The Bakersfield Sound: Roll Out the Red Carpet showcases the major figures and stylings of the country music sub-genre, displaying a dynamic shift from traditional works towards a celebratory display of local history that features costumes, guitars, and posters from the era. Several objects in the exhibition are from private lenders, thus being displayed for the very first time to the public. Other objects are from the Buck Owens Crystal Palace and Kern County Museum.
Color + Figure
Paintings by Linda Christensen
Linda Christensen’s collection of paintings revels in the tenderness and reflection of human nature. Though not intimate in size, her work centers on the meditations of mind and body, set within the interplay of gestural brushstrokes and harmonious color palettes. Christensen’s work portrays faceless women, creating both liveliness and anonymity. This way, any woman, and by extension any person, can see themselves as the pensive figures portrayed. This is the artist’s first solo museum exhibition.
Uncommon Perspective
Paintings by Art Sherwyn
Art Sherwyn’s most recent work combines his use of vibrant colors with his love for storytelling. His incorporation of calligraphic mark-making resonates with the lives and characters of those who live in the scenes painted. Each work becomes a commemorative anecdote of the community Sherwyn calls home. Part of Sherwyn’s recent work, these paintings will be displayed and viewed by the public for the first time, allowing visitors to witness the most recent evolution of the artist’s practice in real time.
Thank you to Vince, Manuel, Anselmo, Laura, Donna, Sam, Sandy, and our guests Susan, Margaret, and Walt for attending. Special thank you to Amy for hosting. If you couldn’t attend our Social, the exhibit is on display until August 28, so go check it out!