On February 7th 2024, Rotary Twilight welcomed Shari Rightmer from Laborer's of the Harvest!
Shari talked about how there is A LOT of food waste in grocery stores, restaurants and other locations. What Laborers of the Harvest aims to do is procure food that is "...edible food that would go to waste and redistributing it so that people in need can access it."  Food that will be thrown out by virtue of being past its "sell by date" is instead reallocated and given to those in need through its Open Harvest Program.  Members of the community can come in and choose the food items they need, ensuring that they won't go hungry.  Fantastic idea!  Check them out here:  https://www.laborersoftheharvest.org/
After this, Brad gave us his Top Ten Trivia Busters - things that we think about but have no answers for :D