Our virtual Zoom meeting on October 21, 2020, was SUPER and lively fun for District Governor, Deb Linden’s visit to our club. DG Deb shared a lot of good information with the Board and then afterwards at our Zoom meeting. The attendance great too. We also had in attendance with us 12 Interact Board members who enjoyed seeing their sponsoring Rotarians. We shared a great video clip the students made from last week’s cleanup project downtown. It was a sweet surprise for DG Linden, a huge supporter of our youth. Sadly most Interact Clubs are not very active, if at all, due to school closures. CONGRATULATIONS TO SHONNA SHEARSON, recipient of the “Rotary People of Action Award” presented (much to her surprise and our delight) by our District Governor, Deb Linden. Also Congratulations to Interact PP and Board Advisor, Annum Khan, recipient of the Excellence Award for her service and dedication.