Our regular Wednesday Twilight meeting went "dark" for the week so that members could attend the annual "All Club Luncheon" at the Marriott Downtown on Thursday, March 7.  As always, Twilighters 'represented' well with more than 20 in attendance PLUS 9 Interactors!  
Keynote Speaker, Sylvia Whitlock kept everyone engaged as she told her story:
The 1st Female President of a Rotary Club in history.

In 1978, the Rotary Club of Duarte violated the constitution of Rotary International by admitting women as members, Sylvia Whitlock being the first. As a result of this bold action, the club's membership in Rotary International was terminated.

The club didn't really care and changed their name to the "Ex-Rotary of Duarte." A lawyer in their club researched it and thought they had a good chance to overrule the ruling. From 1983-86, the Duarte Club fought the ruling all the way to the Supreme Court where they prevailed. On May 4, 1987, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Rotary Clubs may not exclude women from membership on the basis of gender.

Later that year, Sylvia Whitlock became the first female club president in Rotary history. Sylvia considers Rotary to be the best vehicle she knows for humanitarian ventures in service to mankind. Some favorite club projects, while in Duarte, have included sinking water wells in Nigeria, setting up an AIDS Center in Jamaica and supporting an orphanage in Mexico. She continues to be inspired by the many Rotarians who have taken the organization to the edge of tomorrow and is committed to using the opportunity she has been given to further the cause of Rotary, in her community, in her country, and in the world.