The groundbreaking ceremony at Covey Cottages was held on the morning of November 12, 2019.  This is the Kern County Rotary all-Club project that our Club is helping to fund by providing money to build the Common Room. There will be 12 homes (400 sq. ft. each) which will be rented to homeless veterans. The Common Room will have the laundry facilities and a meeting and gathering space. Outside, there will be space for a bar-b-q area and we hope, a community garden. Others who attended the event this morning were organizations and people helping fund the project and others who are providing in-kind services for the construction, landscaping, and furnishings. Several public officials (or their representatives) were there, as well as residents who live in the near-by neighborhood. The Kern County Rotary Club Presidents who attended the event were so pleased to see the 1st step of the construction phase begin.
This is the link to the site plan and an article that was in the Bakersfield Californian newspaper in September about this project:
Kern County Rotarians, including Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh (2nd from left, member of Rotary Club of Bakersfield [Downtown]); Assistant Governor Group 2, Jackie Maxwell (4th from the left, member of Rotary Club Bakersfield Breakfast); Bakersfield City Council member, Ward 2 Andrae Gonzales (6th from left/behind me); Rotary District 5240 Governor Savi Bhim (5th from the right, member of Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise)
Kern County Rotary Club Presidents and Assistant Governor Group 2:
From left: LisaMarie Mendez (Shafter); Quon Louey (Bakersfield East); Assistant Governor Group 2, Jackie Maxwell (Bakersfield Breakfast); Nancy (Bakersfield Twilight); Tim Banks (Bakersfield West); Cheryl Scott (Bakersfield Breakfast); Patty Keefer (Bakersfield North), Garro Ellis (Bakersfield Downtown)