Posted by Tony Azemika
On June 3, 2020, some Centennial High School Interact members joined us along with their advisor, Sheila McLeod, for our Club meeting that took place via Zoom. Laura Williams read a very appropriate quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. as her inspirational moment. We wishes Alma happy birthday which is actually tomorrow. Both Anselmo and Jeremy talked about their experience as past-presidents of the club.
Brad reported that we received eight applications for scholarship and we have picked two nominees, Christian Munoz who wants to become a Civil Engineer and attend University of Alabama and Earl Garrovilla who wants to become a doctor like his mother and to attend UCLA. Both of these young people are very impressive.

Our Interact guests were asked to talk about how they have been dealing with COVID-19 and the boredom that comes with it. Some have picked up new hobbies like working out and baking. Shian Sugabo talked about her parents being both nurses and how they eat dinners separately and she has to stay at least six feet apart from her parents at all times. She also talked about her grandparents who flew in from Phillippines to be a part of her graduation, but because of COVID-19, they could not do that. Angelina Cho talked about how hard it has been to stay motivated. She is due to start school on the East Coast, but her college has not been able to decide how they will start classes if at all; so it has been hard for her to decide if she should travel to East Coast or not. Ana talked about how hard it is to do any school work at home and how she and her parents have had to keep themselves entertained. Audra McLeod considers herself fortunate that her family has not suffered financial hardship in this epidemic or lost anyone to COVID-19; she too has been concerned about how her college in LA is going to handle COVID-19 and what will happen. Danielle Park talked about her college tests being pushed back due to COVID-19 and how that has made her doubt her future plans. On the positive note, it has made her stay in touch with her friends more. Christian Munoz talked about being very anxious when he goes out; his sister got COVID-19. Earl Garrovillo talked about being fortunate enough that COVID-19 has not hurt his family financially.
President Nancy then asked our Interact guests what positive has come out of COVID-19. The answers included finding out who is your real friends; valuing times with friends and getting to see friends; realizing what they were taking for granted; strengthening their faith and relationship with God; appreciating getting more sleep and exercising; learning new hobbies; learning that maybe in college they don’t want to do an 8:00 a.m. class; change in perspective that they have experienced with senior year being taken away and learning to look ahead and what is waiting for them instead of focusing on what they have lost.
Nancy then announced that our June 17th meeting will be a virtual club social with a Hawaiian theme. So, she asked that those were going to attend to try to wear something Hawaiian. She also announced that her President step-down will also be a virtual event.