Gary Fachin's Invocation at our Meeting:
Why do we contribute clothing to the Homeless Center? Why do we work on projects in Mexico? Because . . . It is in every Twilighter's belief to serve the needy and provide relief.
Why do we work on fundraisers? Why do we have a Foundation? Because . . . In Twilighter's lives, works of charity will never be a rarity.
Why do we paint the walls of a Museum? Why do we read to elementary school students? Because . . . It is in each Twilighter's Rotarian act that on the community's welfare there be an impact.
Why do we have social events? Why are we attentive to those of us who suffer? Because . . . Twilighters care for each other as if each were a sister or brother.
And why do we do all the above, because we are Twilighters with faith, hope and love.