On February 5, 2020, we met for our regular weekly meeting at The Mark Restaurant and Bar. We had an excellent presentation by Mary Barlow and her staff from the Kern County Superintendent of Schools about the Kern Education Pledge made by the 47 school districts in Kern County. They have agreed to work together as one system to ensure student success. The Kern Integrated Data System (KIDS) will provide real-time data to assist the teachers, staff, and leaders of the districts to make informed decisions about what is best for students, teachers, and schools. In addition, Brad gave us an overview of the Twilight Scholarship Program. His committee met and drafted some suggested guidelines and selection criteria that club members will want to review and discuss to determine those items which should be officially adopted. We also had Millie Clowes with us to tell us about the Girl Scout cookie sale and her ambitious sales goal. She also told us about how we can donate to have cookies sent to active service members so they can enjoy cookies too.