BCSD Partners in Education Breakfast
On Friday, October 4, 2019 morning, Robin, Amy, and Nancy attended the Bakersfield City School District Partners in Education Breakfast as guests of Mt. Vernon Elementary School principal, Mrs. Xochitl Prieto. The District, which is the largest elementary school district in California, has expanded its after school programs; students at all of the schools have the opportunity to attend the STEAM Academy classes that are offered during expanded school hours. Later at the school, Mrs. Prieto gave an overview of the Mt. Vernon Elementary School new expanded after school program and provided information about the classes they will have for the students. She also conducted a tour of the school and invited guests to step into some classrooms for a few minutes to see teachers and students in action---teaching, coaching, and learning.
Club Meeting October 2 2019
At our meeting on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Cecil talked about the concert fundraiser at the end of April 2020. We are looking to double the club's profit. We will be the first club putting on a concert. He also made it clear that if we do this, we need to focus first on selling sponsorships before individual sales. Then, out own Twilight club member, Anselmo Moreno, gave an informative and insightful presentation about Identity Theft and Data Breach. According to Anselmo, there are four kinds of data breaches, Credit data breach, IRS ID theft, DMV identity theft and Medical ID theft. Anselmo emphasized keeping your personal information secure, not providing it to others unless absolutely necessary for the service you are requesting, and review your credit reports often.
Centennial Interact Club's Support of EmpowHER
This weekend, Centennial Interact club attended the EmpowerHER breast cancer awareness month event and supported our local warriors. They helped with registration, handed out goody bags and treats and helped with set up and clean up. Great job Interactors who attended.
Club Meeting September 25, 2019
B-Rad gave us an inspirational moment; Denise helped out with our flag salute; and Manuel was volunteered to lead us in the four-way song.
Our speaker was Amy Travis, the Executive Director of CASA. CASA works with abused and neglected foster children. A CASA volunteer is the eyes and ears of the Juvenile Court system. There are thousands of foster children waiting for CASA volunteers. Amy told us that there are three things that everyone can do for CASA that will help their organization. First and most importantly, you can become a CASA volunteer. It is an 18-months commitment. You can give money to their fund. Lastly, you can can tell everyone about CASA and how they can help.
Statistically, most foster children are doomed to a life of addiction and homelessness. CASA is trying to change that as much as possible. The solution is citizen volunteers. The idea is to have one volunteer per child. Right now, they have a little over 130 volunteers, but need a lot more. Without an advocate, these children are going to most likely languish in the foster care system.
Finally, during our question and answer session of our program, we learned that our own, Vince Zaragoza, was one of the original people who started CASA. It was so interesting to hear Vince tell us about how little their budget was when they first started and what they had to do in order to get CASA going. Way to go Vince. It's impossible to imagine how many children's lives have changed because Vince and a few other people decide to get CASA going. You were a Rotarian years ago and you didn't even know it.
Interact Club at The Park at River Wallk
The Centennial Interact Club held its first event of the year, the MADD run! They had a total of 24 volunteers, including lots of brand new faces.
Centennial Interact's First Meeting of the Year
Centennial Interact Club held its first meeting of the year and they were kind enough to share some photos with us. What a turn out it looked like. At their meeting, they covered what Interact is, they introduced their board members and informed everyone about exciting events coming up like the MADD run this past Saturday and JJ's Legacy Got the Dot program. They had over 100 people in attendance.
Kern County Rotaract at Boys & Girls Club
Thanks to Mr. Amy Smith(aka, Zane Smith), the Kern County Rotaract Club met at the Boys and Girls Club of Kern County. They learned all about the Boys and Girls Club and even received a tour from Zane. Rotaract Club President, Noah Salinas, and a few lucky members also received beautiful art pieces from the children themselves.
Off Site Meeting at Ronald McDonald House
This past Wednesday afternoon's meeting took us to the newly renovated Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House where Scarlet Sabin, the House Director, gave us a tour and discussed its development, its growth, and its mission to provide for families during times of healing. Thank you, Scarlet!
All Club Social at The Blvd
What a fun time we had Thursday night at The Blvd. Thank you to all of the Twilight club members, families and Centennial Interact Club members who came. We enjoyed good food, games, bowling, and most of all -- fun socializing. A great time!
Meeting Responsibilities
December 18, 2019
Greeter; Podium & Bell/Gavel
Shearson, Shonna
Registrar: Badges & Attendance/Cards
Records, Billie Sue
Inspirational: Audio-Visual Aids & Handouts
Swanson, Jeremy
Flag Salute: US Flag & Rotary Banners
Smith, Amy
Ambassador: Visiting Rotarians & Thanking Guest Presenters
Smith, Carol
January 15, 2020
Greeter; Podium & Bell/Gavel
Williams, Laura
Registrar: Badges & Attendance/Cards
Thomas, Denise
Inspirational: Audio-Visual Aids & Handouts
Zulfa, Pam
Flag Salute: US Flag & Rotary Banners
Zaragoza, Vince
Ambassador: Visiting Rotarians & Thanking Guest Presenters
Azemika, Tony
January 22, 2019
Greeter; Podium & Bell/Gavel
Azemika, Tracy
Registrar: Badges & Attendance/Cards
Bell, Donna
Inspirational: Audio-Visual Aids & Handouts
Barmann, Beatrice
Flag Salute: US Flag & Rotary Banners
Bell, Jim
Ambassador: Visiting Rotarians & Thanking Guest Presenters
Clowes, Kat
January 29, 2020
Greeter; Podium & Bell/Gavel
Fishkin, Andrew
Registrar: Badges & Attendance/Cards
de Guzman, Oz
Inspirational: Audio-Visual Aids & Handouts
Colatruglio, Garett
Flag Salute: US Flag & Rotary Banners
Corral, Helia
Ambassador: Visiting Rotarians & Thanking Guest Presenters
Elisheva, Pamela
February 5, 2020
Greeter; Podium & Bell/Gavel
Gibbs, Li
Registrar: Badges & Attendance/Cards
Goodban, Troy
Inspirational: Audio-Visual Aids & Handouts
Henderson, B-RAD
Flag Salute: US Flag & Rotary Banners
Luera, Alma
Ambassador: Visiting Rotarians & Thanking Guest Presenters
Foster, Sandra
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Club Social - Art & Wine
Bakersfield Museum of Art
Dec 11, 2019
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Dianne Hoover - Director of Parks & Recreation
The Mark Restaurant
Dec 18, 2019
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DARK - Christmas Holiday
Dec 25, 2019
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DARK - New Year Holiday
Jan 01, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Club Assembly Meeting
The Mark Restaurant
Jan 08, 2020
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PSRP formerly Rotary House Retreat-Juanita & Sunny
The Mark Restaurant
Jan 15, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Vocational - Non-Profit Club Members
The Mark Restaurant
Jan 29, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Mary Barlow - KC Superintendent of Schools
The Mark Restaurant
Feb 05, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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